Geographic Annotation Merged Into Kicad Master Branch

Geographic annotation has been merged into Kicad! The function can be accessed in PCBNew under tools -> Reannotate PCB.

Note that the master branch is targeting V6 and that means some file format changes and, as usual with unreleased software, there may be bugs, including in the reannotate tool.

3 thoughts on “Geographic Annotation Merged Into Kicad Master Branch”

  1. I love this feature (PCB reannotation) in other tools. Thank you for adding it to KiCad. I’m trying to get the RenumKiCadPCB.exe to work, but I haven’t got the syntax down. Are there parentheses or quote marks required? I would do it from within KiCad but it’s not in the 5.1.8 that currently available for download and building it is out of my league. Here’s what I typed in and saw:
    C:\Users\ggott\Downloads\renumkicadpcb1\RenumKiCadPCB>RenumKiCadPCB.exe C:\Users\ggott\OneDrive\KiCAD\Projects\Propane_Controller\PropaneController\PropaneAux\PropaneAux\PropaneAux.kicad_pcb C:\Users\ggott\OneDrive\KiCAD\Projects\Propane_Controller\PropaneController\PropaneAux\PropaneAux\PropaneAux.sch

    RenumKiCadPCB V0.101
    Written by Brian Piccioni
    Released under GPL 3.0 or later. See source for details.
    Contact with bug reports or feature requests

    **** No warranty : use at your own risk ****

    Invalid command C:\Users\ggott\OneDrive\KiCAD\Projects\Propane_Controller\PropaneController\PropaneAux\PropaneAux\PropaneAux.kicad_pcb
    Invalid command C:\Users\ggott\OneDrive\KiCAD\Projects\Propane_Controller\PropaneController\PropaneAux\PropaneAux\PropaneAux.sch
    No input file specified!
    Run time of 1609111808.000 Seconds

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    1. Greg
      Thank you! I was amazed it wasn’t already part of Kicad so I was delighted to be able to contribute it to V6. I tend to use V6 because I can report bugs though it is much less buggy now. Unfortunately V6 files are not compatible with V5 and there is no back export.

      In the past I have found it easier to communicate directly via email at brian(at) I assume you are on windows. What version of renum are you using? Are you using the GUI version?

      If you are on Windows I strongly suggest downloading the MSI and using the GUI . I believe the GUI version also works on other OSs but you have to build it.


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