Metro M4 SAMD51 basic serial USB based on TinyUSB

I have been depositing some open source project on Gitlab. Weirdly, these do not show up in google searches, purportedly because Gitlab blocks them.

If so, this is idiotic.

So I am posting my projects here with links to them.

Metro M4 SAMD51 basic serial USB based on TinyUSB

This is my first cut at getting basic serial over USB working on a “bare metal” Adafruit Metro M4 using the tiny USB stack. on Mcrochip/Atmel Studio. You can go to and download the complete source but these do not work in Studio (or maybe they do and I don’t know how).

All this does, for the moment, is implement the echo example. In future I will create library which will implement basic stdio.

Since SAMD51 is pretty poorly supported I thought this might be useful. I have tested the code and it works.

link to project

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