RenumKicadPCB V0.201

Note: RenumKiCadPCB has been updated several times to enhance usability and fix bugs. Please check for the most recent version.

I have added a feature to RenumKicadPCB. The program now stores parameters in a file called Renumparameters.txt in the directory it is invoked from. This means you don’t have to keep reentering the path to the file, etc..

Here is a zip file with the instructions for use, source code, and a windows 64 executable renumkicadpcbv0-201

2 thoughts on “RenumKicadPCB V0.201”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for your beautiful job, it seems to run perfectly
    FYI, I ran the Windows version using wine on Linux Mint 18.1
    I will try to compile it on Linux as soon I have a few time.
    Kind regards


    1. Danilo!

      Thank you for the feedback – it was a lot of work and I’m glad to hear others are using it.

      The Linux compile should work OK if this code
      #ifdef _WIN64
      #define Windows

      #ifdef _WIN32
      #define Windows

      is commented out. I had a whole lot of problems due to installing Microsoft Bash, which blew up Eclipse after an update.

      I wish I knew how to make a proper GUI but I’m an old guy.


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