RenumKiCadPCB0410 Bug Fix

I have fixed a bug found by Paul P. where V0410 would not run properly if there was no existing RenumKiCadPCB directory in /users/appdata/roaming (Thanks Paul!).

Also at his suggestion I now show a warning and do not save the updated netlist file if there are netlist errors. This is usually because the netlist is out of date with the schematic and PCB so it makes it easier to fix (just regenerate the netlist from the schematic).

Here’s the link on Github


9 thoughts on “RenumKiCadPCB0410 Bug Fix”

  1. Hallo Brian.
    Having problem to install the new version. Computer crashed and downloaded again.
    Program are looking for the debug version of msvcp140D.dll instead of msvcp140.dll.
    Could you maybe checked if you didn’t accidentally uploaded the debug version of Visual C instead of released version
    Thanks Alan


      1. Hi Brian

        Managed to find a Win7 machine. Running perfectly, obviously another Win8 machine not running well, will have to format.

        Sorry for the trouble.




      2. Allan

        I don’t understand: are you referring to the recent installer, the exe, or the original problem?

        Also, I am using a Windows 10 machine – do you suspect the issue is with renum or one of you machines?



      3. Brian

        No to the new installer, the old installer were looking for the debug files.

        So the new installer works, can renum my PCB.

        Now if I can just get this to work under WINE my world will be perfect 😀

        Thanks for fixing the debug release issue.




  2. Hi Brian, thanks for helping with the KiCad 6 setup for renumbering. I am duplicating the actions here, if any lands here from a search. It now works great with KiCad6.

    PCB Editor Tools -> Geographical Reannotate.

    Watch out for the default grid: it is 1 inch. Change it to something reasonable (1mm).
    After you do the reannotate

    PCB Editor Tools -> Update Schematic from PCB.

    The defaults are wrong, so when you Tools -> Update Schematic from PCB you need to un-check the “Relink footprint to schematic symbols based on their reference designators”

    You can also uncheck “update values” or other things than the reference designators.


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