Welcome. I’ve been involved in different parts of the high tech industry since the late 1970s. Initially I wrote Z80 assembler but I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by very competent and helpful engineers who encouraged me to learn digital design. I worked my way up to senior digital designer and eventually managed an engineering department. After 12 years I decided move on and ended up with a successful career as a sell side equity analyst.

I now do a variety of things to keep busy including hardware and software development. I’m still in touch with a lot of friends from the engineering business and we are delighted by the open source movement and yet disappointed by the lack of documentation included with open source hardware or software. That is not how we were taught to do things.

My hope to use this blog to publish my designs for your use. I tend to write heavily commented code, and I will provide a full explanation for the selection of components in my hardware designs. The code and designs may not be the best, but at least they’ll work and you will know why I did things the way I did.

Feedback is welcome.

Brian Piccioni




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